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Thank you  for your interest in Awareness Technology, Inc.

Worldwide provider of:
  • ELISA 

  • Biochemistry 

  • Chemiluminescence 

  • Electrolyte Analyzer

  • Automated RPR Analyzer

  • ELISA Kits

  • Biochemistry Kits

  • Allergy Testing Solutions

Full-service OEM production of analyzers, specialized instruments, and ELISA kits built to client specifications


Our instruments are known for field-proven reliability, ease of use, and economy, serving markets in over 200 countries 

Sales and Tech Support teams are ready to assist you with your next laboratory project and purchasing needs.

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Made in Florida

Need/Want a semi-automated ELISA system?

Let's start with a dry bath and washer for microplates


Dry Bath

Stat Fax® 2200 offers easy programming of temperature, mix speed, and time for two 96 well microwell plates, 8 mixing speeds from 575 to 1500 rpm, temperature from ambient to 40˚C, digital timer and countdown display.

Plate Washer

With Stat Fax® 2600 it is easy to program and save up to 50 washing protocols with options for soaking, top wash, strip selection, and more. 

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Choose from 3 ELISA readers


ELISA Plate Reader

PC Controlled 

ChroMate® is a user programmable computer controlled semi-automated ELISA plate reader/photometer system.  This easy to use rapid plate reader comes standard with four filters form (405 nm - 630 nm) with an option for a six filter configuration, multiple calculation modes offer versatility.  ChroMate® reads an entire 96 well plate in approximately 20 seconds.  Software included.

ELISA Plate Reader Standalone

Stat Fax®4200 is a standalone user programmable semi-automated ELISA plate reader/photometer system.  This easy to use rapid plate reader comes standard with four filters form (405 nm - 630 nm) with an option for a six filter configuration, multiple calculation modes offer versatility.  

ELISA Strip Reader Standalone

Stat Fax®4700 is a standalone user programmable semi-automated ELISA Strip reader/photometer system.  This easy to use rapid strip reader comes standard with four filters form (405 nm - 700 nm) with an option for a six filter configuration, multiple calculation modes offer versatility.  Holds up to three break apart or non-break apart strips, with a maximum length of 12 wells

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About Awareness Technology, Inc.


Founded in 1982, Awareness Technology, Inc. located in Palm City, FL, USA is known as a worldwide leader in clinical laboratory instruments and diagnostic kits for the low to medium throughput lab. 


Awareness Technology products are used primarily in IVD but also life science research, food safety, veterinary, and environmental applications. Specializing in Immunochemistry Biochemistry, and Electrolytes, Awareness Technology manufactures automated and semi-automated systems with emphasis on quality, reliability, & economy.  Products include chemistry analyzers, equipment for routine health screening, plus allergy, autoimmune, and infectious disease testing. Products are designed and manufactured in Florida under the  ISO 13485:2016  certified QMS standard. 


The company cooperates with customers who need open or closed systems, designed and manufactured to custom specifications, OEM, or private labeling.  We look forward to servicing your immediate needs and developing long-lasting, mutually rewarding relationships.

Awareness Technology, Inc. Asia & Africa


Our Asia & Africa division, which handles all sales and service for the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South Pacific, is located in Dubai. From this central location, we service and sell to our customers providing them the peace of mind and confidence that are synonymous with our brand.  Awareness Technology, Inc. has been doing business through our relationships with capable and talented professionals in this region since 2001. Our professionals know our products implicitly, understand their customers, and are eager to service their needs.


Awareness Technology, Inc. Europe


Our European office, which handles sales and service for all of Europe and Russia provides logistics and training for our customers that are both convenient and economical. With multiple languages and strong product knowledge our European professionals are ready to guide customers on product selection and implementation.   Awareness Technology - Europe is  a great asset for all laboratory needs within the region.


ELISA Kit Manufacturing


Located in Miami, Awareness Technology's ELISA Kit Manufacturing Division was founded as Quest International in 1994 and fully integrated in 2012.  SeraQuest® & ReQuest® ELISA brands are well known and respected for their stability and quality. The product line includes kits for infectious diseases, Epstein-Barr virus panel, TORCH panel, autoimmune and others.  The majority of Awareness Technology's ELISA production is sold under private labels. Please ask about OEM opportunities.

Our Vision


Awareness Technology, Inc. began in 1982 with a vision to become the first name in small instrumentation design.  As we have grown with the industry, we have expanded our scope to include, test kits.  In addition to its ELISA manufacturing in Miami,  Awareness Technology manufactures biochemistry kits in India. Products are packaged for open and closed systems under the brand name i-denti and i-chem.


Today we are proud to be known worldwide as a leader in clinical laboratory instrumentation, reagents and assays for small- to medium-sized labs.


Our Mission


We will offer impeccable quality, creative, exciting and effective products, with obvious value.


We will be known worldwide for our ability to readily resolve seemingly complex requirements with quick, simple and affordable instrument and reagent solutions.


We will not seek to merely satisfy our clients; but instead, to dazzle them with such knowledge, organization, individual attention, flexibility, courtesy and professionalism that their referrals will become our primary source of new business.


We will endorse the practice of continuous improvement, promote our interests aggressively, support free enterprise, play fair and earn a profit.


We will reinvest profits for the further attainment of our corporate mission. Our employees will be smart, loyal and dependable.


We will honor our company and ourselves by all we do.

Our Management Team

Meet our Management Team,  professionals from around the world who are here to provide you excellent service and advice regarding your equipment needs.




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Hours of Operation USA home offices

Monday-Friday: 8:30am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

USA Home Office

2325 SW Martin Highway, Palm City, Florida, 34990 USA



European Office

Brown-Boveri Str., 6, B17-1,  2351 Wiener Neudorf, Austria

Phone: +43 (0) 2236 892465

Asia & Africa Office

Q3-146, SAIF Zone, 120543, Sharjah , United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 (06) 557 80 58

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