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Downloadable brochures for each product can be accessed by clicking on the instrument image to the right of the description

Electrolyte Analyzer and Supplies


(Electrolyte Na+ K+ Cl-)

Catalog Number 3910

  • Direct measurement of Na+, K+ and Cl- by ion-selective electrodes

  • Sample type: whole blood or serum 

  • Sample size: 80 µL ± 5 μL

  • Efficiency: 45 samples per hour (printing) 48 Samples per hour (without printing)

  • Storage for patient data up to 200 results

  • Self-contained reagent and waste pack



Reagent/Waste Pack

Catalog Number A11-100

  • Reagent Pack is a self-contained reagent and waste container

  • All reagent packs include OWNchip® technology which tracks usage, installation date, lot  number and fluid levels

  • Each Reagent Pack will last for 2 months or approximately 1200 tests dependent on how often a calibration is run


Replacement Electrodes

Catalog Numbers A11-110, A11-120,

A11-130, A11-140, A11-400

  • Electrode Na+                  

  • Electrode K+                     

  • Electrode Cl-                    

  • Reference Electrode        

  • Reference Housing          

Na+, K+, and Cl- Electrodes include OWNchip™ technology which monitors Electrode performance, Date of installation, and number of test performed 






SelectaLyte reagent pack.png
Electrodes 3910 SelectaLyte 2019

ISE Analyzer Quality Control Kit Tri-Level

Catalog Number A11-310

  • Aqueous control material to monitor the measurement of Na+, K+ and Cl- within a clinical range on SelectaLyte™ & IONyte® series analyzers

  • Three levels of control: abnormal low, normal, abnormal high

  • Traceable to NIST

  • 2 mL per ampule, 30 ampules per box, 10 ampules per level     

SelectaLyte QC box.png
Ampules SelectaLyte QC.png
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