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Downloadable brochures for each product can be accessed by clicking on the instrument image to the right of the description

Washer and Dry Bath

Stat Fax 2600             

(96 well washer)                  

Catalog Number 2600

  • Stand-alone ELISA/CLIA washer

  • Automatic precision washing of microplates and microstrips with flat or round bottom wells

  • Automatic calibration & alignment 

  • Electronic level sensing on wash, rinse, and waste bottles

  • Operation time for one microplate single washing: 55 seconds 

  • Programmable automatic rinse cycle, Stores 50 wash programs

  • Optional additional bottle

Stat Fax 2200   

(dry bath for microwell plates)            

Catalog Number 2200

  • Stand-alone two-position microplate dry bath

  • Compact and easy to use 

  • Capacity: 2 standard 96 well microplates or strip trays, round or flat bottom wells

  • Microprocessor control for temperature and oscillation speed 

  • 8 oscillation modes (575 to 1500 rpm)

  • Cover to protect from light and dust

  • Ambient to 40˚C

  • Digital time setting, time countdown on display

  • Audible signal timer

Stat Fax 2600.png
Stat Fax 2200.png
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