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Laboratory bench-top space is a valuable commodity.  Awareness Technology, Inc. has developed a simple solution that helps reduce the amount of required space needed to install a ChemWell series analyzer.


The design allows the laptop and mouse to be elevated above the countertop which can be adjusted for left or right placement, over the top of the analyzer, or off to the side. 

Chemwell with arm.png

The ChemWell Laptop Arm is compatible with the following ChemWell series analyzers manufactured in 2019 or later. (ChemWell 2910, ChemWell RPR 5801, and ChemWell Fusion 4800)

A customized version of the ChemWell laptop arm has been developed for use on ChemWell 2 (on ChemWell 2 the laptop arm can only be mounted on the right side of the instrument)

ChemWell 2 new laptop arm copy.png

PN 058020

PN 051028

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