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Downloadable brochures for each product can be accessed by clicking on the instrument image to the right of the description

Chemiluminescent Semi-Automated Analyzers

LuMate 4400

Catalog Number 4400

  • PC-controlled CLIA microplate luminometer

  • Glow luminescence detection with photomultiplier

  • User-friendly intuitive software interface

  • Reads 96 wells in opaque strip or plate

  • Several advanced calculating modes    

LumiStat 4900

Catalog Number 4900

  • Stand-alone CLIA microwell strip luminometer

  • LumiStat Auto-Track™ feature reads all 3 strips automatically

  • 3-position strip carrier reads in break-apart, 8 or 12-well strips

  • Touch-screen interface with built-in printer

  • Glow luminescence detection with photomultiplier

  • Reports RLU or concentration

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