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Awareness Technology offers solutions and delivers results.

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OEM Instruments and Kits

Every Instrument and Kit we manufacture has opportunities for OEM production,  Depending on your laboratory's specific needs there are instruments and kits that can fulfill your requirements.  From small semi-automated strip and plate readers,  to fully automated instruments for ELISA, Biochemistry, Chemiluminescence, ISE, and RPR Awareness Technology can customize the instruments and kits through our Private labeling and OEM programs or develop a customized product from the ground up built to your exact specifications.

Having designed and manufactured some of the world’s most

popular and reliable analyzers, Awareness Technology, Inc.

sets itself apart by providing quality at competitive prices.

Adhering to its service mark, “Cost-Effective by Design®” the

company has won the respect of countless corporate clients

and end-users around the world.


When it comes to the development and manufacturing of

• In Vitro Diagnostics,

• Food and Water testing,

• and many other life science analytics

nothing is more important than dependability. Labs need test

systems that consistently produce accurate results.

Many factors contribute to the overall dependability of a test

system. Awareness Technology has more than 38 years’

experience developing, pricing, evaluating, and balancing

these factors.


In a world of ever-changing technology, one might wonder

why experience is so important. Firstly, experience improves

design outcomes. Awareness Technology’s new products

are based on years of incremental developments of its

core capabilities. Focusing on areas of strength, instead of

creating a whole new design, the company can provide either

a standard product or a customized version of a standard

product that is optimized to meet the specific objectives of

each client. This significantly reduces risks, time to market,

and engineering costs.

Experience also improves manufacturing outcomes. Quality is improved by using tried and true vendors and materials, and by streamlining factory and test procedures and equipment. Employees with many years of experience have honed their skills to perfection. Employing common components and subassemblies in multiple instrument models further controls manufacturing costs by increasing economy of scale and reducing manufacturing lead times. The widespread use of common components and subsystems also facilitates operations training and technical support. When a distributor adds new products or makes upgrades, their trained users can apply knowledge from

their past product experience. Distributors can maintain fewer spare parts and tools. Tech support teams have fewer design concepts to understand and support.

Stat Fax 4500 Biochemistry Analyzer

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4500 copy.png
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ChemWell Series of Automated Analyzers

Awareness Technology’s automated analyzers offer unparalleled flexibility ranging from dual-modality open systems to single-supplier dedicated analyzers. OEM design options include single or dual syringe pumps of various volumes, disposable or reusable pipet tips, single or multiple probe washing protocols, custom rack designs, reading photometrically or by imaging, and many more options.

World-class software provides a full range of flexible options to customize instruments for specific application requirements. Hidden software features monitor instrument performance, track reagent consumption, and prevent timing conflicts when multiple assays with different timing protocols are run simultaneously. The management software also offers advanced reporting options, multiple calculation modes, Levey-Jennings, and export functions for LIS integration. Functionality and continuity of the software allow for easy transition from one ChemWell analyzer to another which further streamlines the learning process and promotes laboratory efficiency. 

Selectalyte™ ISE instrument and consumables

Selectalyte™ is standalone semi-automatic instrument for direct measurement of Na+, K+, and Cl-. Instruments, electrodes, reagent packs, QC kits and other accessories are manufactured in the USA. FDA 510(k) cleared K171476

Stat Fax 4200.png
ELISA Microwell Strip/Microwell Plate Readers

Stat Fax® and ChroMate® series ELISA semi-automated microwell plate and microwell strip readers: Compact, microprocessor controlled, multi-purpose photometer systems designed to read and calculate the results of assays, which are read in microwell strips or break apart wells. These instruments are specifically designed for durable and reliable performance.

Stat Fax 3300.png
Stat Fax 1904.png
4500 copy.png
Biochemistry Analyzers

Stat Fax® series semi-automated Biochemistry Analyzers: Compact, microprocessor controlled, multi-purpose photometer systems designed to read and calculate the results of assays, which are read in round 12 mm sample tubes,  square cuvettes or using the included Flowcell.  

Chemiluminescent Microwell
Plate and Strip Reader

LuMate® & LumiStat®, part of the Stat Fax® line, are compact, chemiluminescent systems designed to read and calculate the results of assays which are read in 96 well microplates or microwell strips.

LuMate® & LumiStat® are user programmable open systems. LuMate® and ChroMate® can be operated from a single PC to make a cost-effective combination analyzer for CLIA and ELISA.

Single test luminometers are also available.

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Stat Fax 2600.png
Dry Bath & Microwell Plate Washer

Two-plate Dry Bath and programmable microwell plate washer are standalone ELISA accessories ideally suited to pair with any of the company’s ELISA and Chemiluminescent semi-automatic analyzers to create a complete test system.

ELISA Reagent Kits
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Awareness Technology also manufactures a line of US FDA cleared microwell-based ELISA immunodiagnostic kits. These kits include one plate of 96 tests in break-apart strips. Ready-to-use calibrators and controls are included. Kits are available for Infectious Diseases, Epstein-Barr Virus, Autoimmune, and TORCH.

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