Instruments and Kits for Clinical Use.

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Awareness Technology, Inc. is a USA FDA-registered manufacturer of medical devices that are sold worldwide.  Awareness Technology, Inc. is complaint to ISO 13485:2016, specific to medical devices.

Please browse our products page to locate the appropriate equipment for your particular laboratory need. We offer fully automated and semi-automated processors for microwell ELISA and Chemiluminescence, Biochemistry, ISE, and automated RPR.  Support equipment including microplate washers, dry baths, and instrument performance verification kits are also available. Test kits include microwell ELISA, Biochemistry, ISE, RPR, and Allergy testing solutions. You can even find an eco-friendly lab disinfectant to clean up when the work is done.

In many cases instruments can be ordered with customized selections to optimize them for specific tasks. Contact our knowledgeable professionals to help you select the right equipment at the right price. 

If you are interested in OEM or private labeling, please visit our OEM section of our website for more information.