Awareness Technology, Inc., is a world leader in the manufacturing of high-quality diagnostic instruments and equipment for the low to medium volume laboratory since 1982.


We specialize in ELISA, chemiluminescence, biochemistry instruments and ELISA reagents, with an emphasis on quality, reliability, economic design and price. Our clients have come to expect and appreciate the high level of customer service they receive from our sales and technical support staff. Awareness Technology values our business partners, we have an earned reputation as a reliable and economic source for the equipment, supplies and advice that they depend on to service their customers.


Awareness Technology offers Biochemistry reagent kits for open and closed systems.  A complete list of available reagent kits can be found on our products page.

identi Kits work with any open system chemistry analyzer. The kits include a method specific standard which may also be ordered as a separate item.  Please see our Biochemistry products page for a full list of assays



  • High quality ISE analyzer
  • Easy to use touchscreen interface
  • QC data including Levey-Jennings
  • Patient data storage
  • On-board printer
  • OWNchip™ technology ensures only valid electrodes and reagents are used
  • Disposable self-contained reagent and waste container
  • Available Tri level quality controls
  • Made in the USA


Announcing ChemWell-RPR automated Non-Treponemal syphilis analyzer.   ChemWell-RPR represents a significant innovation in the qualitative testing and screening for syphilis virus in human serum or plasma.


This is the first ChemWell to utilize an advanced camera and software algorithm to analyze each sample providing laboratories with 190 test per hour throughput.


  • Fully automated walkaway RPR syphilis analyzer
  • 190 samples per hour
  • Accurate, consistent, objective results
  • >99.0% sensitivity
  • >99.0% specificity
  • Lowest cost per test
  • Substantial reduction in labor costs





Sales outside the US only

 iCS product page


identi, i-chem reagents, and ChemWell-T iCS are for sale outside the USA only.


ChemWell-T iCS is a biochemistry analyzer used to run i-chem biochemistry reagent kits.  All kits are preprogrammed as part of the ChemWell-T iCS management software.


Purchase only the kits you want and select the corresponding assay from the available test menu.


ChemWell-T iCS offers:


• convenience  and ease of use (no need to program assays)

• Labeled reagent rack for easy placement of reagents

• small assay runs which utilize less reagent

• 100 test per-hour throughput

• Extensive list of reagents to choose from


ELISA Reagent Kits by:

Quest International a Division of:

Awareness Technology, Inc.

 now FDA cleared!

Awareness Technology is proud to offer FDA cleared ELISA kits for the following categories.  The Kits are manufactured in Miami, Florida and are available for shipment worldwide.



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