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Wine (Oenology)

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7 Key Analytes Assure Optimal Flavor, Aroma, and After-Bottling Stability


Faults in wine are common but preventable. Awareness Technology's Wine Analyzers are designed to provide the prompt and accurate information needed to prevent common faults. 


WineryPro Biochemistry Analyzer monitors these 7 wine-specific assays:

Primary Amino Acid Nitrogen, Ammonia, L-Malic Acid, Free Sulfur Dioxide, Total Sulfur Dioxide, D-Glucose & D-Fructose, and Acetic Acid. These, along with pH monitoring, are the essential measurements needed to assure sound and stable wine production.

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Vintessential Chemwell Discrete Analyser

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Programmed specifically for analyzing wine using assay kits developed and manufactured by Vintessential of Australia.  The Vintessential ChemWell Discrete Analyzer is capable of performing hundreds of tests within an hour, providing important information on the key Analytes of winemaking which assists in the winemaking process resulting in a superior end product.

The Vintessential ChemWell Discrete Analyzer handles all aspects of testing, from aspiration and dispensing, to incubation, wash, and rinsing of the probe between samples.  The instrument holds up to 96 sample tubes and offers multiple calculation modes and wavelengths from 340 nm - 700 nm with options for custom filter configurations.


Acetic Acid Test Kit for Discrete Analysers


Ammonia Test Kit for Discrete Analysers


Combined Standards Kit for Discrete Analysers


D-Glucose & D-Fructose Test Kit for Discrete Analysers


Free SO2 Test Kit for Discrete Analyser


L-Malic Acid Test Kit for Discrete Analysers


Primary Amino Acid Nitrogen Test Kit for Discrete Analysers


Total SO2 Test Kit for Discrete Analyser

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