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Dear Valued Customer,
Your opinion is very important to us. To help us improve your Awareness Technology, Inc. customer experience please take a few minutes with this brief survey to tell how we are doing.

Having seen the new Graphic User interface on the 4500 and 4700, how would you say it compares to other industry products with that utilize touch screen displays:
Thinking about the 5500 StatFax-T project, do you feel this product will work in your market?
Thinking about the ChemWell 2 Rack loader, would such a product be useful to your customers?
With all the built-in functionality and with an additional rack included would you be able to sell the rack loader if the distributor price is around $1000?
Thinking about the 8000 Product concept, do you feel customers will accept a wireless controlled device without a color touch screen and printer?

Thanks for your feedback!

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