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Environmental Testing

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Awareness Technology, Inc. through our close relationships with 3rd party kit manufacturers, has helped to develop Automated ELISA Systems for many high profile environmental testing companies by automating the processing of their manual assay kits

Automated ELISA Systems can be preprogrammed with specific Kits making the use of these instruments extremely easy to set up and rapid to deploy. 


Applications in the following fields:

  • Water quality analysis

  • Waste water analysis

  • Food & agriculture testing

  • Veterinary analysis

  • Environmental testing

  • Life science research

The included software features an assay editor for programming custom assays improving the overall flexibility of the tests that may be run including biochemistry should the need arise. The ChemWell Manager software handles scheduling of tests, reporting functions and overall processes of the analyzer.

The ChemWell Automated ELISA/Biochemistry System was developed to replicate the manual processing of both ELISA/Biochemistry kits and automate the process.  Our Automated systems have been field-proven with over 6000 plus units in use worldwide.

Environmental semi-automated.png

Well before offering our Automated Analyzers, Awareness Technology  manufactured semi-automated Instruments for use in Environmental testing.  These instruments use a manual method with options to semi-automate processes such as rinsing/washing, incubation/dry bath, and of course reading.

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