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Dri-Dye Check Strips for ELISA Analyzers

Dri-dye box and strips.png

Catalog Numbers E002-405, E002-450, E002-492


  • Method for verifying calibration of microplate and microstrip readers

  • Strips are used to verify proper calibration, precision, and linearity 

  • Wells contain precise measurement of Dri-Dye

  • Wells are hydrated using 200 µL of DI water. Automatically corrects for imprecision in water pipetting

  • Wavelengths available 405 nm, 450 nm, and 492 nm

  • Strips work with bi-chromatic readers capable of reading either 1-12 and A-H directions

  • Package contains 6 check strips, a strip tray, instruction sheet, calibration record sheet, 6 linearity plots. Additional instructions for using Dri-Dye in a microplate reader are also available.

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