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The ChemWell 2910 EIA/Chemistry analyzer was first introduced to the world in the year 2000. Being one of the first automated analyzers capable of reading biochemistry assays in a vertical format, it was initially not widely accepted, as Biochemistry had previously only been available as a horizontally read process. However, It did not take long for the ChemWell 2910 EIA/Chemistry analyzer to start changing minds and revolutionizing what customers would come to expect from ChemWell.  Highly customizable, infinitely flexible, the combination of dependable hardware and easy to utilize free software, make using ChemWell 2910 and getting it to process nearly all EIA and chemistry reagents manufactured worldwide an easy financial decision. It did not take long for the purchase orders to start piling up, and our production facility was a buzz of activity. By the time our competitors realized what we had created, it was too late for them, the end-user’s mindset had already been changed and they were hooked on ChemWell.

To date, Awareness Technology has sold over seven thousand ChemWell 2910 units worldwide, including our OEM versions of the popular 2910 model, and we are continuing that production and success well into the foreseeable future.  ChemWell 2910 EIA/Chemistry analyzer is at use in a wide variety of fields including, Clinical, Veterinary, Environmental, Food Science, Oenology, Research, etc.


Building on the worldwide success of the ChemWell 2910 EIA/Chemistry analyzer, we decided to expand from building just one product to building an entire brand of products, developing an additional five successful members of the ChemWell family of products: ChemWell 2902 Biochemistry,   ChemWell Fusion 4800 EIA/CLIA,  ChemWell-T 4620 Biochemistry , ChemWell 5801 RPR , and ChemWell 2 5100. 


The amazingly flexible ChemWell family of analyzers has now crossed the 10,000 units sold mark, and cemented this amazing brand as a dependable field-proven alternative to overpriced and complex analyzers. Come and make our ChemWell family part of your laboratory toolbox. 

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