Stat Fax 4500 and 4700 have received upgraded screens, faster processors, and new user interfaces!

  • Improved performance

  • Intuitive graphical interface

  • Stylus no longer needed

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Main Menu


The new interface features a high resolution backlit display with a capacitive touch screen.   It has the responsiveness of  a smart phone with no need for a stylus to make accurate selections.  Screens are updated almost instantly. 


The  new menu system is driven by icons designed to intuitively identify their functions. Sub-menus offer many interface improvements. For example, you can  change from English to Spanish  at the press of a button.  Other languages will be available shortly.

At the heart of the Stat Fax 4500 and 4700 is a new and faster micro-processor and significantly increased memory capacity.  All of the calculation modes, reporting functions, and the ability to customize your test parameters remain the same but function faster.  A new feature of the improved memory capacity is the ability to not only store over 100 programmed tests but also store over 500 results.

Stat Fax 4500 with improved convenience and speed is available for purchase now.  Awareness Technology is working on adding the same improvements to its microstrip reader, Stat Fax 4700.  Watch our web site for updates.