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MedLab 2024

MedLab 2024 Logo.png

Dubai, UAE

February 5-8, 2024

Booth Z3, A39

With the aim of paving the way for technological advancements and sustainability in laboratory medicine, the 23rd edition of the Medlab Middle East annual gathering brought together 900+ exhibitors from 40+ countries, showcasing the latest laboratory innovations and technologies.  


Awareness Technology exhibited our ChemWell RPR an automated analyzer for the detection of syphilis using a proprietary algorithm of pattern recognition software and a suspended carbon antigen that provides 192 test results per-hour and titer up to 1:2048 dilution.  A true walk away solution that eliminates subjectivity of test results offering qualitative screenings and Titer for therapeutic monitoring.


We were pleased to  showcase our latest innovation, the Chemi+ biochemistry analyzer, which introduces wireless tablet and pc connectivity & control along with a new software interface called LabCenter which will integrate with multiple compatible devices with future plans for new devices based on a similar format.


Also on display were Stat Fax 4700 ELISA strip reader, Stat Fax 4500 biochemistry analyzer, SelectaLyte ISE analyzer, and our popular ChemWell-T biochemistry analyzer all available for hands on demonstrations.  


Please contact your sales representative for more information about these exciting products and developments!


Mohammed meeting with clients


MedLab 2024 Booth Z3-A39 manned by Mr. Mohammed Lateef, Mr. Shah Nawaz, and Mrs. Alena Schmid


A visit from Awareness Technology Europe, Mr. Stanislav Berezovskiy


A successful show with happy customers and friends.

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