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Laboratory Disinfectant

CleanLab™, a safe lightweight powdered concentrate with no special transportation requirements, becomes a powerful PAA germicide when properly mixed with water. Spray on hard surfaces to eliminate viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungi in just 2 minutes.


Simply let it air dry. Its special neutral pH formulation is non-corrosive, non-bleaching,  and requires no rinsing or wiping off. That’s because CleanLab’s active ingredient  is a short-lived intermediary that continues to react becoming a neutral eco-friendly solution safe for disposal after 12-14 hours.


CleanLab™ is available in 50 gram bottles and boxes of 30 2-gram packets

CleanLab™ is NOT EPA-Registered in the USA, and therefore NOT available in USA


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CleanLab Product Insert


CleanLab Product Insert 50G

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CleanLab is easy to use

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