iCS (integrated Chemistry Systems) Solution for Biochemistry Tests, Paired With ChemWell-T iCS

iCS (integrated Chemistry Systems) a preprogrammed solution for Biochemistry assays paired with ChemWell-T iCS biochemistry automated analyzer.


ChemWell-T iCS and ichem reagent kits are a convenient and cost effective combination Analyzer, Software, coupled with chemistry reagent test options for laboratories who require preprogrammed assays.


The ichem reagent kits may be purchased separately or as part of a set panel of assays providing options that fit the dynamic needs of the laboratory.


ichem reagent kits are available for the following biochemistry tests




Alkaline Phosphatase




Bilirubin (total and direct)








Not for sale in the USA



HDL (Direct)


LDL (Direct)





Total Protein



Uric Acid



Iran - Exclusive Distributor Announcement

All Awareness Technology, Inc products, manufactured in the USA are exclusively available through Vesta Tajhiz Part Corporation, our exclusive and only distributor for the Iranian market


Every product made by Awareness Technology, is manufactured at our state of the art facilities located in Palm City, Florida, USA


Quality - all products are manufactured to the highest quality

Service - from our sales team to our technical support specialist, customer service is a priority

Value - Cost Effective by Design™, excellent products at an affordable price point


For Awareness Technology Sales and Service in the Islamic Republic of Iran, please contact:


Zahra Chavoshi

Business Development Manager

Vesta Tajhiz Part Corporation

Tel: +98 21 880 460 55

Fax: +98 21 897 823 26

Mob: +98 912 566 55 16

Skyp ID:


Unit 36, 3rd Floor, Sadaf Tower (No.2), Sheikh Bahaei Sq.,

Sheikh Bahaei St., Molasadra Ave., Tehran, Iran

Distributor Training in Dubai, UAE April 2017

Our UAE office conducted a distributor training course on some of our newest instruments. ChemWell 2, ChemWell automated RPR and Selectalyte electrolyte analyzer.


We had participation from 21 professionals from around the Middle East and flew in Technical specialist Mr. Marcel Lopez from our home office in Florida to oversee the training with assistance form Mr. Shah Nawaz our Technical specialist on the ground in Dubai.


The training took place over five days and was a good opportunity to not only learn how to service the instruments we sell but also to network among other distributors in the area.


Our Customer Workshop was sponsored by Mr. Mohammed Latta of Scientific Supplies Est. and presented by Mr. Shah Nawaz.  Awareness Technology  would like to recognize  Scientific Supplies for their continued commitment and support for these events which is beneficial to everyone who attended.


Congratulations on a successful training and customer workshop.

500th TurboChem 100

installed in India

Congratulations to CPC Diagnostics of India, in reaching a major milestone.


CPC Diagnostics, a long time and highly valued distributor of Awareness Technology, recently installed their 500th TurboChem 100 analyzer. The TurboChem 100 is an entry level automated biochemistry system with maximum throughput of 100 tests per hour.


A major component of CPC’s success with this instrument is their strong commitment to customer service. They combined the instruments with the complete menu of reagent kits specifically designed by Jeev Diagnostics for this analyzer. They also sold each instrument with a support package called i-track that included full technical support and remote monitoring in addition to installation, training and maintenance services.


We honor CPC and their team of sales and service professionals who achieved this milestone. It is a privilege to work with a company and people so dedicated, and to see that dedication reflected in the trust and continued support that their customers place in CPC’s sales, service, and products.

Distributor, Instrument Training Program

Awareness Technology, Inc.  is making efforts to keep it's distributors trained on the latest product innovations.   As part of this effort, we offer mandatory training on all of our automated instruments as well as Service training on our semi-automated Stat Fax instruments.


Our Technical Support trained technicians are available to field questions about any product related inquiry and provide you with a timely solution or option.   Technical Training takes place at our home offices in Pam City, FL at designated times throughout the year.  Local training may also be available.


Please contact Awareness Technology Support through our support page to inquire about the training schedule.

510K issued for HSV Type I

& HSV Type II ELISA Kits

Awareness Technology has received notification from the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration of 510(k) clearance for Herpes Simplex Virus test kits. These qualitative tests measure specific IgG in human serum and are used to differentiate between type I and type II when the combined HSV screening test is positive.


Awareness Technology’s tests use enzyme immune assay technology in the standard 96-microwell format with break apart wells for economical use in small size runs. The new products, which have both been assigned CLIA category (high complexity), compliment. The company’s ReQuest ® line of pre-natal screening and infectious disease tests. Kits have been designed to run at room temperature and use common wash, substrate, and stop solutions as well as uniform incubation timing for easier automation and integration into panels.


Manufactured  in USA under ISO 13485, HSV type I and HSV type II kits contain ready to use reagents and controls with 12 months shelf life.

For more details contact


FDA cleared HSV type I and HSV Type II are now part of Awareness Technology’s ReQuest brand of ELISA based reagent kits and are available for immediate sale.


Awareness Announces NEW Instruments Available

Awareness Technology, Inc.  is excited to announce the availability of some new analyzers and systems developed and built at our Palm City, Florida facility in the USA.  The development of a new analyzer is a testament to the skilled men and women employed by Awareness.


  • SelectaLyte - Electrolyte analyzer for the Direct measurement of Na+, K+ and Cl- by ion-selective Electrodes (ISE) in serum or whole-blood.  SelectaLyte is available for immediate sale, currently only available to our international markets.  USA sales, pending 510K.


  • ChemWell-T iCS - announcing Awareness Technology's 1st closed system for biochemistry assays.  ChemWell-T iCS (integrated Chemistry System) works with a set menu of tests, simply load your reagents, samples and select the appropriate test from the menu.  iCS system is not available for sale in the USA


Please contact for pricing and information related to these quality products.