JEEV System Pack added for ChemWell®T

Awareness Technology in Joint Venture with CPC Diagnostics to create
JEEV Diagnostics Pvt Ltd.


Awareness Technology of Palm City, Florida, USA and CPC Diagnostics of Chennai, India are proud to announce the establishment of JEEV Diagnostics Pvt Ltd., a joint venture between the two companies. The agreement, signed in Chennai on October 11, 2010 by Mary Freeman, president of Awareness Technology, and Mr. R. Panchanath, director of CPC Diagnostics, is a significant step for both companies in their growth and expansion plans.

Since 1982, Awareness Technology has designed and manufactured laboratory instruments in the USA, specializing in semi- and fully automatic Biochemistry, ELISA, and CLIA analyzers for small to medium-sized labs. Driven by passion for innovation in design and cost effectiveness in manufacturing, Awareness has marketed their products in India through CPC since 1990.

In 2005, Awareness Technology received the coveted Governor's New Product Award for excellence in design for the ChemWell® 2910 Automatic Chemistry & EIA Analyzer. Awareness Technology then won the prestigious National New Product Award from the National Society of Professional Engineers and Professional Engineers in Industry (NSPE/PEI).

Established in 1987, CPC Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. is a dedicated provider of products and services to the Clinical Laboratory industry in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. CPC is well recognized, earning the respect and trust of more than 2500 customers.

JEEV Diagnostics' primary objectives are:
  • To design and develop medium throughput chemistry systems and related products, which will be designed in India and manufactured at the Awareness facility in the US.
  • To manufacture clinical chemistry reagents in India to meet the requirements of semi-automatic and medium range chemistry systems, offering a complete range of products under the "Identi" brand name.
  • To establish its reagents as a reference standard in India.

JEEV Diagnostics is located in Chennai, and is registered in India, and is in the process of recruiting personnel for the company.