Dexall® Solutions for Allergies and H. pylori

Awareness Technology®
and Dexall®: 
At the Forefront of
Immunodiagnostic Technology
Awareness Technology® has licensed the innovative methodology and proven technology of Dexall® in vitro allergy diagnostic products. Dexall® pioneered the development of in vitro allergy test systems for the quantitative measurement of total serum IgE and Allergen Specific IgE through the patented Acti-Tip® system. Dexall® also offers a patented point of care, rapid Lateral Flow (LF) technology for both allergy testing and H. pylori.

For over 30 years laboratories worldwide have chosen Dexall® products for their accuracy, specificity, reliability, and ease of use. Dexall® products are unique in that they can be adapted to individual laboratory customer requirements with customized screen and panel combinations. Simple procedures with short hands-on time, long shelf life, and competitive pricing make these products highly desirable in the marketplace.

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Dexall® Solutions

Acti-Tip® Allerg-E® for the quantitative determination of Immunoglobulin E, Total IgE.

Acti-Tip® Allerg-Ens® for the quantitative determination of Allergen-Specific IgE antibodies.

*Auro-Dex® Visual-Ens® for rapid visual detection of Allergen-Specific IgE antibodies.

*Auro-Dex® H. pylori for the Rapid Detection of Helicobacter Pylori-Specific IgA, IgG, and IgM antibodies.

*Acti-Tip® Rapid-Ens® for the Visual identification of Allergen Specific IgE antibodies in Human Serum. All reagents are pre-dispensed in strips and ready to use.

*Acti-Tip® Enzy-Dex® for the Determination of Type III IgG Specific antibodies in Human Serum for Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis - Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis.

* = For Export Only