Awareness Technology® Expands Relationship with CPC Diagnostics, Pvt. Ltd. in India

After many years as Awareness Technology’s® exclusive distributor of clinical laboratory products in the four southern states of India, CPC has been named the super-dealer of All-India and Sri Lanka effective Jan. 1, 2012. This means that all factory direct sales will occur between Awareness Technology® and CPC who will stock, sell, service and support the other distributors, sub-dealers and customers throughout India. The one exception is the Chemiluminescent product line.
Mary Freeman is honored to join the CPC team in spreading the news while presenting new products in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh at ACBICON in Dec 2011.
CPC was advanced to this level after demonstrating outstanding sales performance and technical support year after year. Some of the recent major accomplishments of CPC include the development of i-Track™, a software program to provide remote monitoring of all automated chemistry analyzers (now available to all international distributors); and the first-class promotional program that CPC developed and is now implementing to share the advantages of Turbo-Chem™ with all Indian laboratories. Turbo-Chem™ is the instrument known as ChemWell®-T elsewhere. It is uniquely suited to labs moving from semi-automation to full automation because it is designed specifically for smaller workloads and budgets while offering enhanced flexibility and all the other powerful and convenient features needed in every laboratory, regardless of its size.

Congratulations to CPC who will manage all sales and support in India.

In addition to outstanding sales and support, CPC is respected for its high regard for quality and education as well as its ethical integrity especially when it comes to making healthcare decisions. Awareness Technology® is very pleased with this long-term association and looks forward to many mutually successful years in collaboration with CPC.

’Empower Your Laboratory’, says CPC with Turbo-Chem™ monitored by i-Track™ and supported with the experience, skill and professional caring of the CPC team. This display was presented in Patiala at the APCON meeting Dec. 2011.
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