JE0132 identi HDL Cholesterol Calibrator 5x3 ml

JE0185 identi HDL PPT 1x5 ml

JE0162 identi Direct LDL 1x40 ml

JE0149 identi Triglycerides 2x30 ml

JE0150 identi Triglycerides 2x50 ml

JE0151 identi Triglycerides 2x100 ml

JE0152 identi Triglycerides 2x250 ml

JE0136 identi Triglycerides Standard 5x5 ml

JE0163 identi Albumin 2x125 ml

JE0139 identi Albumin Standard 5x5 ml

JE0164 identi Total Protein 2x125 ml

JE0140 identi Protein Standard 5x5 ml

JE0165 identi ASAT/GOT 1x50 ml

JE0166 identi ASAT/GOT 5x50 ml

JE0167 identi ASAT/GOT 2x125 ml

JE0168 identi ALAT/GPT 1x50 ml

JE0169 identi ALAT/GPT 5x50 ml

JE0170 identi ALAT/GPT 2x125 ml

JE0171 identi Alkaline PHOS 1x30 ml

JE0172 identi Alkaline PHOS 5x30 ml

JE0173 identi Bilirubin Total 4x50 ml

JE0174 identi Bilirubin Total 2x250 ml

JE0175 identi Bilirubin Total 2x500 ml

JE0176 identi Bilirubin Direct 4x50 ml

JE0177 identi Bilirubin Direct 2x250 ml

JE0178 identi Bilirubin Direct 2x500 ml

JE0179 identi Bilirubin Total and Direct 4x50 ml

JE0180 identi Bilirubin Total and Direct 2x250 ml

JE0181 identi Bilirubin Total and Direct 2x500 ml

JE0183 identi Gamma GT 4x10 ml

JE0235 identi CK MB 4x12 ml

JE0236 identi CK NAC 4x12 ml

JE0184 identi Amylase 4x12 ml


Awareness Technology, Inc. Biochemistry Reagents

identi Biochemistry Reagents are ready to use liquid stable reagents. available in convenient pack sizes, suitable for small and large laboratories.


  • Enzyme Reagent (R1)
  • Substrate Reagent (R2)

Biochemistry Reagent Kits for Open Systems


  •     Calcium
  •     Magnesium
  •     Phosphorus
  •     Albumin
  •     Amylase
  •     Alkaline Phosphatase
  •     AST / SGOT
  •     ALT / SGPT
  •     Bilirubin Total
  •     Bilirubin Direct
  •     Bilirubin Total & Direct
  •     Cholesterol
  •     CK-NAC
  •     CK-MB
  •     Creatinine
  •     Glucose
  •     GGT
  •     HDL Precipitating
  •     HDL Direct
  •     LDL Direct
  •     LDH-P
  •     Total Protein
  •     Triglycerides
  •     Uric Acid
  •     Urea Kinetic (Rate BUN)