JEEV System Pack added for ChemWell®T

Awareness Technology® Announces
Reagent Products from Quest International and Dexall®Biomedical  Labs

Awareness Technology® is pleased to announce its acquisition of
Quest International®, Inc. of Miami, Florida, effective Jan 1, 2012.

ReQuest Dexall

Quest will continue to operate in Miami as the diagnostic reagent manufacturing division of Awareness Technology®. The Quest division will continue to manufacture all of their previous products as well as the Dexall products that were previously manufactured by Dexall® BioMedical in Maryland. These developments allow Awareness Technology to expand its product offerings, with both cost-effective and high quality reagent products. As a result, Awareness Technology® has gained access to staff, facilities, and technologies that will help us to further advance the design of future products and systems.

New products include 30 ELISA assays, Acti-Tip® IgE and IgG allergy testing products, AuroDex® Visual-Ens® rapid tests for allergies, plus a unique rapid test for the subclasses (IgG, IgA and IgM) for H. pylori.

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