Awareness Technology, Inc. About Us

Our Vision


Awareness Technology, Inc. began in 1982 with a vision to become the first name in small instrumentation design.  As we have grown with the industry, we have expanded our products to include, reagents and assays though our acquisition of Quest International in Miami, maker of SeraQuest® and ReQuest® ELISA based reagents and assays along with Awareness Technology's strategic partnership with CPC together forming a joint venture as Jeev™ our chemistry reagent manufacturing facility in India, markers of Ichem™ and Identi™ biochemistry reagents.


Today we are proud to be known worldwide as a leader in clinical laboratory instrumentation, reagents and assays for small- to medium-sized labs.


Our Mission


We will offer impeccable quality, creative, exciting and effective products, with obvious value.


We will be known worldwide for our ability to readily resolve seemingly complex requirements with quick, simple and affordable instrument and reagent solutions.


We will not seek to merely satisfy our clients; but instead, we will dazzle them with such knowledge, organization, individual attention, flexibility, courtesy and professionalism that their referrals will become our primary source of new business.


We will endorse the practice of continuous improvement, promote our interests aggressively, support free enterprise, play fair and earn a profit.


We will reinvest profits for the further attainment of our corporate mission. Our employees will be smart, loyal and dependable.


We will honor our company and ourselves by all we do.




Awareness Technology, Inc. headquartered in Palm City, FL, USA is known worldwide as a leader in clinical laboratory instrumentation, reagents and assays for small-to-medium-volume laboratories.  Our strengths in design and manufacturing, sales and support of high-quality diagnostic analyzers, are what drive demand and brand loyalty for our products among many of today’s modern laboratories and research facilities across the globe.


Awareness Technology analyzers are used to provide clinical and diagnostic testing in the healthcare laboratory, life science research, food safety, and environmental analysis industries.  Specializing in established and respected instrumentation, for the analysis of ELISA, CLIA, biochemistry assays, and electrolytes; Awareness Technology also manufactures and maintains a production facility for a dependable line of ELISA reagents & allergy testing solutions with an emphasis on quality, reliability, economical design, and price.


Awareness Technology provides custom OEM solutions for a variety of laboratory applications.  Our OEM partners range from economical OEM products derived from our standard proprietary instruments to completely customized product solutions.  Awareness will combine standard and custom components to build applications and hardware to suit the particular needs of our OEM partners. – All manufactured under our ISO 13485:2003 certified quality system. OEM products are produced according to the client's engineered drawings, including private labeling and custom branding. We provide a complete turnkey service from the initial design consultation, prototype fabrication, preliminary sample runs, and full production & manufacturing services.


For over 35 years Awareness Technology, Inc. has maintained the highest levels of quality, reliability, and value needed for long-term peace of mind, in a wide range of clinical applications.  With an earned a reputation as a reputable manufacture and reliable business partner to the IVD industry, Awareness Technology is well positioned as the premiere source for diagnostic instrumentation and equipment that laboratories and ultimately their patients can depend on.

Awareness Technology, Inc. Asia & Africa


Our Asia & Africa division, which handles all sales and service for the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South Pacific, is located in Dubai. From this central location, we service and sell to our customers providing them the peace of mind and confidence that are synonymous with our brand.  Awareness Technology, Inc. has been doing business through our relationships with capable and talented professionals in this region since 2001. Our professionals know our products implicitly, understand their customers, and are eager to service their needs.


Awareness Technology, Inc. Europe


Our European office, which handles sales and service for all of Europe including European Russia and provides logistics and training for our customers that are both convenient and economical. With a strong knowledge of products and how to best implement them in a clinical setting, Awareness Technology - Europe is positioned to be a great asset for all laboratory needs within the region.


Quest International, Inc.


Quest International a division of Awareness Technology, was founded in 1994 and is the American manufacturer of SeraQuest® & ReQuest® ELISA reagents and assays, well known for their stability, quality of the reagents, and the assay products produced. Quest has been at the forefront of reagent manufacturing with product offerings focused on markers for infectious diseases, markers for Epstein-Barr virus, serological markers for TORCH, markers for bacterial based infections and auto immune panels.  All reagents and assays manufactured by Quest International ship worldwide.  Quest International is an ISO 13485:2003 certified facility.  Please ask about OEM reagent opportunities.